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The Best (and cheapest) Yogurt You Will Ever Have! 

Homemade yogurt? What?! YES! So delicious, simple and cheap! Good luck keeping your kids from eating every last jar in one day… or yourself for that matter!

We’ve all had plain store-bought yogurt, I’m sorry but, it’s disgusting. There’s such an awful overwhelming sour/tangy taste that no amount of fruit or honey will disguise. Once you have made yogurt at home, you will NEVER go back to store-bought. It literally takes minutes to prep and with a savings of 45% for Great Value and 68% for StonyField Organic, you can’t go wrong. Mind you, this IS organic yogurt, delicious, chemical and preservative free with a price that literally cannot be beat!

There is small initial investment, your yogurt culture and yogurt maker. This investment will pay for itself (including adding the cost of your organic milk for each batch) in just 10 batches, yes 10! (Each batch consists of 6/6 oz. jars) I make 1-2 batches per week, add that over the cost of a year and I save $225 (1 batch/week) $450 (2 batches/week) in one year! How to snowball those savings and save even more?! I’ll show you how in the next post! At the bottom of this post I will share the link to the culture I used and yogurt maker. On with the yogurt!

I use Organic Valley Pasture Raised Whole Milk at 3.99 for 1/2 gallon. You can use any whole milk you like, however I think this really has the best naturally sweet flavor. You will get two 6/6 oz. batches out of this.

Note- Use any glass container you like! Mason jar, bowl, whatever you have. Remember, we are trying to save money! You don’t need to buy the extra jars Amazon suggests, it comes with enough to make a batch. 😉

Start with 4 cups of your milk, add to a pot over medium heat. Allow your milk to come to 160-180 degrees. The longer you leave it there the thicker your yogurt. I leave mine for about 5 minutes. This isn’t an exact science, so don’t stress! It will be ok 🙂

Once you’ve heated your milk, remove from heat. Allow the milk to cool to around 110 degrees.
Add your culture for a first time ever batch! If this is your second or more, simply use 3 tablespoons of yogurt you’ve already made! Stir, stir, stir! Pour your cultured milk evenly into jars, set jars in yogurt maker with lids off, turn on and leave it alone for 5-6 hours. Really, leave it alone. Just walk away.
Once your yogurt is set you’ll know by tipping the jar. It won’t run like milk, instead it will slightly pull alway from the glass in a solid yogurt form.

Leave covered jars on the counter for about an hour to cool off. Then place in the fridge overnight.
That’s it! Your done! Add fruit, honey, chocolate or whatever else you like!
I personally prefer mine with honey or my home canned strawberries. I found that my second batch was even better the first.

Hope you all enjoy! Happy yogurt making!