Snowball Your Savings

So, if you’ve read my yogurt making post, you saw making 1 batch (6/6oz jars) per week of home made organic yogurt saves you at least $225.00 a year compared to buying a comparable yogurt.

Math says $225.00 a year equals $18.75 a month. Ok, so now what do I do with that? How do I get even more?!
It starts with laundry soap. What? Yes, laundry soap. A very inexpensive, small bottle of laundry soap will cost you about $3.00. Not a fortune, but it adds up. I’ll show you how.

One $3.00 bottle of laundry soap per week, completely reasonable and honestly, you might be spending more. $3 times 4 weeks is $12. Still not breaking the bank, right? Times 3 months, $36. Still….where am I getting? How about 10 pounds of FREE chicken? Now your interested!

Back to the original $18.75 savings from your yogurt! A 35lb pound of Windfresh laundry soap will last you 3 months, doing laundry Grand total, $16. Three months of the $3 bottle of laundry soap? $36. See where I’m getting?? You just made $20 dollars by buying your laundry soap in bulk for FREE from the SAVINGS of making your yogurt! It’s like we’re double dipping here, right?! Take your $20 and buy 10 pounds of chicken at $1.99 a pound.

So there you have it, 10 pounds of chicken for not a penny more than you would have spent to begin with! But wait… you still have 11 months of $18.75 savings! Stay tuned and I’ll show you how to maximize those savings with more food for your family without spending a penny more.