Waste Not Want Not

Saving Broken and Pooled Candles

I love my candles and wax melts. Especially in fall and winter. So when I dug out what was left of my fall candles from last year, I was disappointed when one was broke and the other had pooled too badly the last time I lit it to burn nicely. Candles aren’t exactly cheap, I’ve looked into making them but I can’t find candle wax that gives me much savings. If you have, please comment and let me know! Anyway, here’s how I saved my candles!


I gently pulled the wick through my broken candle to resuse. This is a candle jar from another candle I used completely. (Any wax residue washes out quickly with warm water and Dawn dish soap). If you don’t have random candle jars poked away, I know most probably don’t, you can use a Mason jelly jar or other thick walled small glass.

Place your candle in a pan and set the heat to low, 1 no more than 2.
Stand and wait….

Place the wick in your glass as close to the center as you can. Once the wax has melted, pour into your glass. Your wick might want to flop to the side, you’ll get annoyed every time you try to make it straight only to let go and see it sloooowly lean over again. Just hold your wick straight and gently blow on the wax, this will set a thin layer on top of your candle to keep if from leaning over.

You can also use left over wax melt trays, just fill them up and use them like usual.
If you don’t have a suitable glass or leftover wax melt trays you can pour the wax onto a pan lined with parchment/wax paper. Let it cook and break into piece, store in an airtight container and use in your wax warmer.
Cleanup is simple. Once your wax has all found it’s new home, wipe your warm pan with a paper towel and wash as usual.