Take in the moment, don’t rush to have “been there”.

Daughter, sister, wife, mother of three. My heart is full. All the things I will ever need surround me.

Wife. My husband, amazing father, Army combat medic, my direction. My direction? Yes. I would be lost without him. Everything I do or plan for the day, month, year, 20 years from now, involves the ultimate goal of growing old on a homestead together. Admiring our life work on a modest wrap around porch in the Loess Hills.

Mom. My children, who knew you could love so much? Those tiny yet ever so big smiles, you can’t help but smile back. Every mom doubts herself. Am I teaching them enough? Do I spend enough time dedicated to activities they enjoy? Are they full and warm when they go to bed? No one got baths on spaghetti night but a wet wipe bath will do…right? We all question our day to day. You are enough, Mom. Your not just enough, your EVERYTHING to those tiny little loving terrorists who unknowingly depend on you for everything. Ever notice they can get in trouble and five minutes later they are hanging on your leg or showing you their newest disaster? Because they love you unconditionally, even when you overreact because they thought the dogs needed chocolate milk in the food bowl.

Sister. Your best friend for life. You disagree, get annoyed, occasionally jealous of one another and know who to call when you just need to vent or feel alone.

Daughter. Dad tried to give you advice because he’s been there-done that, but it’s different for you and you try it anyway. Dad was right. Mid twenties and you start to take the advice and avoid the heartache. Mom, the one you can call because your about to have a melt down. The kids put Dawn dish soap in the dishwasher which is now foaming everywhere, you AC crapped out, your husband is gone and the baby is having a rough time teething. Mom reminds you it’s gonna be ok, the time will pass, it will all be over before you know it….and your going to miss it. Take the advice, they’ve been there-done that.

Make life as sweet as honey, it will never go bad. Here, I am going to share with you my recipes. They aren’t just recipes. They are family dinners, conversation at the table, life skills for your children and a few extra dollars to poke away, because life happens.